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Hi Everyone,

My blog’s mission is to support you in having successful relationships and fulfillment in your work and personal life. Each one of us makes a difference. You affect countless people around you with your communication and actions. You send out ripples in all directions that will influence others in either a positive way or stress them in a negative way. They of course will pass it on to all they meet, and so on. Looking at it from a larger perspective when countries threaten each other or go to war it is simply a reflection of what we do with the people we can’t stand. Peace as a collective begins with peace as individuals and you have the opportunity to affect that.  Being a Conscious Communicator™ will bring out the best in those around you.  So leave a comment and I will answer any questions you pose, as well as post my insights from the communication laboratory of life that will help you in your success.

Dr. Rick Brinkman
Naturopathic Physician