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Dr. Rick Brinkman's Conscious Communication® Podcast

Turning Conflict Into Cooperation

Each of Dr. Brinkman's free monthly podcasts covers a different aspect of Conscious Communication®. You'll be entertained and informed while you learn about:

  • Communicating in a manner that prevents problem behaviors from occurring
  • Tools to move people out of problem behaviors if they exhibit them
  • Positively influencing the behavior of the people you interact with on a daily basis
  • Setting an example for good communication



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What's a podcast?

Want to listen to the podcast but you're not really sure where to start? Or even what a podcast is?
No problem. This help page should have you up and running in no time.

Podcasts can be confusing because they're new. A good way to think about a podcast is that it's like a recorded radio show that you listen to on demand by downloading it from the internet. With the explosion in popularity of podcasts lately, many new programs have come out to let you subscribe to podcasts so that you'll always automatically get the latest episodes. These programs use a file that we put on our web servers to tell them when we have a new episode for you. They download the episode and you can listen to it on your computer or put it on your ipod or mp3 player.

Listening in a browser window or downloading the mp3

Most web browsers allow you to simply click on a link to an mp3 file and play the file in the browser. The simplest way to hear any one episode is to click any of the links on this page that are under the title "Listen to a Podcast" and have an episode number and title. Another way to listen is to right click on the link and choose "save link as" in Windows (or control click on a Mac and choose "saved linked file" or "save file as") and save the file to your desktop. From there, you can double click on it and play it in the music player of your choice.

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