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Bringing Conscious Communication to the Enterprise

Applying Conscious Communication training from the CEO to the mailroom has a stunning impact on motivation and morale, trust and respect, retention and productivity. Unconscious communication causes business losses, losses that often go uncalculated. Consider email misunderstanding — how much time is lost being concerned about it, trying to work it out, and clarifying what everyone really meant? When people work together, each interaction sets up the next. Conscious Communication training for the entire enterprise creates profound change in an organization and its employees.

Dr. Brinkman’s Conscious Communication training reveals:

  • Why do people act like they do? What is the difference between behavior and personality?
  • How to use the power of your projections to influence people.
  • Four essential skills that will prevent most conflict.
  • Strategies to eliminate the 10 Most Unwanted Behaviors:
    • Tank attacks
    • Grenade tantrums
    • Snipers
    • Whiners
    • Know-it-Alls
    • Think-they-know-it-Alls
    • Yes people
    • No people
    • Maybe people
    • Nothing people
  • How to communicate in a manner that prevents problem behaviors from occurring.
  • How to move people out of problem behaviors if they exhibit them.
  • How to positively influence the behavior of your sphere of contacts on a daily basis.


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This program is a powerful full-day training for entire organizations, select departments, managers or teams. Multi-day arrangements to accommodate large groups and variable schedules are offered at discounted feels. This program is also available as a keynote or half-day session. Special pricing on learning tools specifically designed for The Conscious Organization is available. This program is based on Dr. Brinkman's best selling book, Dealing with People You Can't Stand, How to Bring Out the Best in People at their Worst (McGraw Hill, 1994, second edition 2003). Also see the document The Impact of Conscious Communication (pdf).

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