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Life By Design

Managing Time with Conscious Organization™

Some clients have nicknamed this program, "How to Get a Life." Dr. Brinkman shows people how to organize for success, establish clear priorities, separate work and personal time, recover time to do what is important and eliminate procrastination. It is based on Dr. Brinkman’s many years as a counselor in private practice, helping people remove the obstacles to moving forward on what is dear to them in life.

Audience members learn how to:

  • Recognize, clarify and stick to their priorities.
  • Master being here now, and eliminating low priorities.
  • Recover time for what is important to them.
  • Know when they are winning, because they can be winning and think their losing if they’re are not keeping score.
  • Understand how health and energy is connected to feeling in control.
  • Use time management techniques that continually work.
  • Recognize and dump pseudo-procrastination

This program is hugely popular because attendees learn personal skills that they can apply to both their work and personal lives. This is a thought provoking, feel-good program, with a depth of content that impacts people's lives whether they experience it in a full day, half-day or keynote format. And because it is filled with Dr. Brinkman's trademark style of humor and memorable stories, many clients have used it to finish off a conference on a positive personal message.

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A book signing of Dr. Brinkman’s McGraw Hill book, Life by Design can be also be arranged.

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