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Conscious Communication for Customer Service

This lively and fun presentation takes the one-on-one game of customer service and shows your people how to win over customers no matter how they behave. To build and keep the truly loyal customer, you need to go beyond mere customer satisfaction. You’ve got to shoot for nothing less than customer delight, every time. Dr. Brinkman reveals how Conscious Communication techniques create a feeling of being loved for the customer and satisfaction for the service professional.

Dr. Brinkman’s compelling customer service tactics include:

  • Specific strategies to deal with tough, upset customers
  • Surefire trigger words and phrases you can use or not use to either delight or annoy your customers.
  • The 5 personas of the service professional and when to use them: Host, Healer, Detective, Teacher and Advocate.
  • Don’t take it personally! How to deal with the emotional reactions of upset customers without becoming equally upset.
  • How to stay out of a common and innocent trap that turns customers off.
  • How to make a customer happy and give them what they want, even when there is no way you can give them what they want. (This is not a misprint.)

A powerful, entertaining program - conference audiences love the keynote version combined with a break out. Equally popular is the full day training for entire teams, departments and organizations. It also makes a perfect breakout following a Dealing With People You Can't Stand keynote or vice versa. This program is based on Dr. Brinkman’s recent book, Love Thy Customer (Brinkman & Kirschner, McGraw-Hill, 2006). Special bulk pricing is available to ensure that your attendees have a follow up book. A book signing/Meet the Author can be arranged.

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