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Using Conscious Communication to Bring Out the Best in People at Meetings

There is a great mystery that cries out to be solved: why are most meetings so awful, and what can we do to change them? According to a Wall St. Journal survey, 98% of people agreed that 50% of their time in business meetings is wasted. Over the last twenty years, Dr. Brinkman has developed and taught organizations how to have great meetings that are shorter, more effective and more enjoyable!

Dr. Brinkman’s compelling meeting tactics include learning how to:

  • Communicate in a way that bypasses conflict and creates an environment where everyone can really hear each other.
  • Make sure that the more aggressive types can’t dominate and the more passive types feel compelled to participate.
  • Appropriately involve people in decisions that affect their work.
  • Allow new ideas to evolve in a group process, instead of just being shot down.
  • Integrate people’s opinions and make it easier to make decisions.
  • Shorten meetings while getting more accomplished.

This seminar is ideal as a half-day session/breakout or a full-day that includes other useful material from the Conscious Communication program. Participants receive free course materials and can purchase the Meeting Magic book and other tools to help them apply what they’ve learned in their meetings.

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Even in a keynote presentation, Dr. Brinkman’s proven process will transform the meeting experience of the audience. If time permits, we can arrange a book signing of Dr. Brinkman book, Meeting Magic. (Publication date pending.) This session is also a perfect breakout to follow a "Dealing With People You Can't Stand" keynote.

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