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Inspiring and Delivering Great Service

Designed for leaders of customer service teams, this program provides the foundation for how to inspire and deliver service excellence. Through key strategies, your team’s service vision will support an environment where everyone creates new ways to delight customers. Twenty years of Dr. Brinkman’s research has resulted in the discovery of 10 traits of all great service organizations.

Service Leadership delivers:

  • Why customers stop doing business with you and how to avoid it
  • Strategies to turn an upset customer into your most loyal customer
  • Magic Words, guaranteed to make your customers happy
  • Ways to continuously delight your customers

Dr. Brinkman’s program ensures that everyone on your management team knows how to use these communication secrets to inspire and deliver great customer service with both the external and internal customer. He has integrated his years of research as a trainer for Fortune 500 companies and the Institute for Management Studies with his strategies for his Leadership in Action program. This informative program is ideal as a keynote, half-day session/breakout or a full-day session.

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