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Managing Time with Conscious Organization™

As a holistic physician, my perspective is when it comes to time, it's really about fulfilling what's important to you in life. Because every time you say "yes" to do something, you are saying "no" to a whole lot more. Time management is really about recovering, focusing, and efficiently utilizing your precious resource of time.

What gets covered in this program depends on the amount of time and the needs of the audience. In general time management is a better breakout session than a keynote whereas Life by Design, (note to Kevin, link the words "Life by Design" to Life by design page) which is looking at one's priorities can be part of either. What follows are some of the things that might be covered in a time management program.

  1. Understanding Time: What are your choices and what's in it for you?
  2. Clarifying Priorities
  3. The Qualities of an Organizing System that Works for You
  4. Time Recovery
  5. Recovering more time by decreasing interruptions and handling them more efficiently.
  6. Recovering more time by decreasing meeting time and meeting more efficiently.
  7. Recovering more time by handling paper and filing more efficiently.
  8. Recovering more time by handling email and voicemail more efficiently.
  9. Procrastination
  10. Staying on Purpose

A Conscious Organization™ breakout session is a perfect compliment to a Life by Design keynote.

Dr. Rick’s program assists attendees in learning personal skills they can apply to both their work and personal lives. This is a thought provoking, feel-good program, with a depth of content that impacts people's lives whether they experience it in a full day, half-day or keynote format. And because it is filled with his trademark style of humor and memorable stories, many clients have used it to finish off an event on a positive personal message. Consider creating a special event by scheduling a book signing/Meet the Author following the program.

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