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QuoteMany of you have asked us for an affordable, participatory program for small groups. We've listened! Focused on problem-solving, Dr. Rick will teach your small group how to use Conscious Communication to solve whatever yourteam is facing, e.g., conflict, employee management, intra-group cooperation,team building, change, customer relations, etc.)

Flexible. It's not just about communication. Apply it to your training objectives.

Participatory. Workbooks, exercises, role playing (if desired).

Affordable. New, competitive fee schedule specifically for groups of 20 people or less.

Available in the live training format is:

  • Conscious Communication: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst
  • Love Thy Customer
  • Meeting Magic
  • Or whatever customized program meets your objectives.

Email or call today for a quote.

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To check Dr. Brinkman’s schedule/availability and to discuss fees, please contact:
Rick Brinkman Productions, Inc.


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